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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Brief History Of Brick And Stone Construction

The use of masonry dates back over 5000 years. Stonehenge provides insight into the history of stone work as a form of construction.
The use of clay to form brick dates back to PPNB period(Pre-Pottery Neolithic B).

Tell Aswad , a Neolithic oval shaped Tell is 540,000 sq ft in size. Carbon dating back to between 8700BC and 8200BC, Tell Aswad provides a glimpse into the origin of the use of formed clay as a building material to construct massive structures. With clay the ancient cultures constructed buildings, using formed beds of reeds to mold the bricks into shape. This was followed by a drying process before the bricks were ready for use.

Masonry structures are built with the intention of outlasting the builder. A trained mason, who has devoted the majority of their life to the trade, has the knowledge to provide sound and lasting work.
Brick and stone structures not only provide practicality, they are of great historical value.

In Portland Maine there are stone masons and bricklayers who devote their lives to the art of stone and brick masonry.