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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Masonry, Understanding The Trade And The Artisans

Masonry, Understanding The Trade And The Artisans
23rd, March 2007
Masonry as a trade is an often misunderstood Trade.It is not meant to be confused with Free Masonry. Though the two are related in a certain degree, they are not one in the same. Freemasonry is a Fraternal organization and is not one in the same with the trade.

Although the latter is an interesting topic our purpose here is to discuss masonry as a trade. In The earliest transgressions of masonry, Humans and other Primates used stones as tools according to the earliest records and research available, the recorded stone etchings themselves masonry.
A true Mason is a practicing Artisan. Masons may dabble in hobbies, yet are known as Masons.
Any man, woman or child can create a simple stone structure. A small pile of stones for instance. The Trade itself however requires drive, motivation, trained eyes,
high intelligence ,artistic ability, strength and most importantly years as a Masons Tender. The Tender stage is where many would be Masons opt out. To survive the rigors of brutal work in the harshest climates ,often unprotected from the elements, is in itself a challenge.
Masons do not only think from the ground up, as they know what lies below the surface can support or destroy the Work above.
If the work is destroyed by the normal conditions of it’s environment, so too is the Mason.
His work is his lifeblood. It is a presentation of his skill level. His sandcastles are the best and they stay the longest. He takes the time to understand the chemistry of his mortar which will seal his work and bond it together for centuries. He is immortal and survives long past his natural life. He lives in the Artistry of his work never faltering to the abuse it takes from Man and Mother nature.
Masonry is responsible for the oldest existing structures on earth, that were expertly crafted and have lasted millennium after millennium. That is what a true Mason hopes for. His greatest desire and primary focus is to secure his work for many life times to be enjoyed by masses.
R.L. Sanborn Masonry 2007
J.E. Sanborn Author