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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Offset heating fuel costs with a fireplace

It is a good time to think about alternative energy.

This artical attemps to describe the efficient workings of the Rumford fireplace, which was designed around the time the Franklin woodstove was invented.
The Woodstove led to the oil or gas furnaces we rely on today.

The Rumford fireplace was designed to emit radiant heat. The firebox dimensions and angles provide a means for the heat to be reflected into the room while the smoke shelf and throat provided a strong enough draft to pull the smoke up and away from the ground.

Prior to the invention of the Rumford fireplace, streets in London England were plagued by smoke that was drafting downward.

With todays energy problems it seems reasonable to look back in the past to revisit how our current systems have thwarted alternative means of day to day living.

Before internal combustion engines became the rage, many alternatives were available and ready to be developed.

The steam propelled automobile, though cost effective, proved to be a bit slow warming up. Society was hungry for the instant gratification that the internal combustion engine offered.

Electricity was another overruled source because it required more effort than just filling a tank. Where it takes five minutes to fill a tank with gas it could take hours to recharge a battery. This was an inconvenience for an economy at it's industrial peak.

Now that oil prices have pushed the envelope, we are left to ponder about possible solutions.

As far as home heating goes, a Rumford fireplace is an attractive alternate heat source that is not effected by power outages or gas prices.

The Rumford ads style to any room and makes a house feel like a home.

There is nothing like a roaring fire to chase the bitter cold away.

RL Sanborn Masonry has been building, restoring and repairing Rumford fireplaces for a quarter century.
The Rumford fireplaces built by RL Sanborn are built to the exacting original standards and work like no other fireplace ever built.

Modern Fireplaces today lack the intricate mechanical substructure of the Rumford.
They are generally designed for people who will never use them. When the need or urge arrises it is met by a smoke filled house.

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Cut your oil or Gas heating costs with an authentic Rumford Fireplace.

MASONRY Fireplace builder, stone work, brick work & more

MASONRY Fireplace builder, stone work, brick work & more