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Friday, July 29, 2011

A Blue Stone Patio Is Installed In Portland, Maine.

A Blue Stone Patio Is Installed In Portland, Maine,by expert craftsmen.

The proper installation of a blue stone patio requires skill and experience. The work itself is very difficult and requires knowledge that is not possibly to express, in a few photos.

First the site is carefully excavated, as not to disrupt surrounding structures and landscaping. The debris is carefully removed and disposed of. A stone sub base, consisting of inch and a half crushed stone, is installed. The stone sub base provides proper drainage as well as a substructure to prevent frost damage. A stone dust base is then installed and graded for proper water displacement. This will prevent water from pooling that would form ice patches in the winter. The stone dust base insures that the stones have a solid and smooth surface to be set upon. The stone dust base prevents stone fractures, resulting when a flat stone resting upon blunt objects has the force of weight applied upon it.
Next each stone is surveyed to determine optimal placement for esthetics. One by one the stones are set and checked for proper grade. A proper patio is never level with the horizon, to allow for runoff, and must follow the lay of the landscaping to match existing elements. A great deal of mastery is involved to install a patio properly. The final step is to fill in the joints with stone dust.
If you are considering having a blue stone patio installed, there are many local stone supply centers right here in Portland. It is a good idea to decide on a stone preference and be educated on the costs of varying stone.
It is important to note that the labor costs will exceed the cost of materials. It is crucial to seek the services of a reputable contractor. A reputable patio contractor will not leave you searching for a competent contractor, a few months down the road. When you notice that your patio has buckled, has turned into an ice rink or the stones are all cracked, you will wish you had hired a reputable patio contractor.
When you decide that you are ready to have your new blue stone patio installed, call the blue stone patio experts, call RL Sanborn Masonry in Portland Maine (207) 619-7473. Feel free to visit their website and request a patio estimate.